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A Retirement Wealth Gap Adds a New Indignity to Old Age

Many middle-class Americans are financially unprepared for retirement—and that is leading to an array of social tensions This is an interesting article, and a potential “need-to-know” for those planning to move when they retire. According to this Wall Street Journal article, an unexpected problem could surface when you move from your pre-retirement “work” home into […]

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7 Myths About Retirement

By Cornerstone Wealth Management Before it is too late, let’s clear up some important misconceptions. While some retirement clichés have been around for decades, others have recently joined their ranks. Let’s explore seven popular retirement myths. “When I’m retired, I won’t need to invest anymore.” Many see retirement as an end of a journey, a […]


IRA vs. 401(k)

Comparing two popular retirement account types. By Cornerstone Wealth Management When you think about retirement accounts, it is likely that at least one of these two account types come to mind: the IRA and the 401(k). Each are common and relatively easy ways to save for retirement. Each have unique and common features and benefits. […]

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A Good Problem: How to Handle a Financial Windfall

What do you do with sudden money? Provided by Cornerstone Wealth Management Imagine getting rich, quick. Liberating? Yes of course. Frustrating and challenging? Most likely. Sudden money can help you resolve retirement saving or college funding goals, and set the stage for your financial independence. On the downside, you’ll pay higher taxes, attract more attention, […]

New California Bill regulates increases to life insurance premiums

Among several laws signed by Governor Jerry Brown on September 2018 is Assembly Bill (AB) 2634, which is intended to protect and assist consumers affected by cost increases in their existing life insurance policies. Current California law requires a carrier to provide notice for premium increases. AB 2634 goes into effect for all policies on […]