January 2021: The Beginning of the End

Jan beginning of the end of COVID

Happy New Year! It’s not over yet. Healthcare workers continue to perform heroically, while the rest of us must continue to make sacrifices until vaccines are widely distributed. Despite the ongoing threat of COVID-19, it’s important to remember the tremendous progress the US economy has made in its recovery so far: The US economy has […]

Fall Season Brings Optimism and a Little Better Progress

October 2020 Ecomonic Update photo 2-trimmed

It feels like the country hasn’t made much progress since early March, but there has been opportunity for progress during the past seven months. How you did financially during this period depends to a great extent on what you did during this time.

Markets Look Ahead

Markets Look Ahead

As we look ahead to the summer months, we can’t help but think what a challenging year it’s been so far. At the same time, we’re encouraged by the resiliency and accelerated innovation among US businesses and the efforts by our national, state, and local governments to support our communities. And we continue to be […]

Managing the National Debt

You probably know that the U.S. national debt is exploding, but if you don’t, try looking at the U.S. debt clock (https://usdebtclock.org/) which shows how high our national debt is every second (currently $23.2 trillion and counting).  Our federal budget deficit will exceed $1 trillion this year.  The clock says that the federal debt per […]

Impact of the SECURE Act

As you may know the SECURE Act was signed into law on December 20, 2019. This landmark piece of retirement legislation could have an impact on decisions you may want to make regarding your retirement savings strategy. click here for a one-page summary that highlights some of the key changes as well as some additional […]

Dear Investor, That Cocky Voice in Your Head Is Wrong

The following article is courtesy of The Wall Street Journal The findings from the field of behavioral economics apply to everyone. Especially you. By Jason Zweig As much as all of us investors wish we were perfectly logical calculating machines, we are human: emotional, distractible, impatient, inconsistent. Behavioral economics is the study of how real […]

LPL Ranks #1 in Customer Loyalty in 2018

The most meaningful measure of how well we’re serving our clients is whether we exceed their expectations in delivering the value and commitment they need to pursue their life and financial goals. That’s why I wanted to share with you the news that LPL and its affiliated advisors, including Cornerstone Wealth Management, were recently ranked […]