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Rich Arzaga CFP KPIX Interview 04-14-2020 capture

Since most families are sheltering at home, this “spare time” represents an excellent opportunity to catch up on small and important financial matters: the type of tasks that are easy to neglect because we don’t have the time. This opportunity is interesting enough to catch the attention of our local CBS Station KPIX TV in […]

Shelter-in-Place Financial To-Do #1: Update Your Beneficiary Designations

For many people, finding time to keep on top of financial matters is challenging. But given many Americans have additional time these next few weeks as the country works through Covid-19, this could be an excellent time to make progress on critical but simple financial matters. Cornerstone will share during this time ideas to help […]

Protecting Your Parents

By Rich Arzaga, CFP® A conversation with mom and dad about personal and financial matters is not easy for many families. But as parents get older, especially those in their 70s and 80s, we found with our clients that many parents appreciate the assistance of adult children. If this might be the case for you, […]

4 Ways to Reduce or Eliminate Probate Costs When Setting Up Your Estate

Leave more for your beneficiaries and charities? By Cornerstone Wealth Management Probate costs will reduce estate size. Attorneys fees, court costs, other professional fees and expenses can result in shrinking an estate by up to five percent (5%). For example, with an estate valued at $1 million, settlement costs can be as much as $50,0001. […]

Should You Leave Your IRA to a Child?

What you should know about naming a minor as an IRA beneficiary. Can a child inherit an IRA? The answer is yes, though they cannot legally own the IRA and its invested assets. Until the child turns 18 (or 21, in some states), the inherited IRA is a custodial account, managed by an adult on […]

Keep Your Life Insurance When You Retire

Some good reasons to retain it. Do you need a life insurance policy in retirement? One school of thought says no. The kids are grown, and the need to financially insulate the household against the loss of a breadwinner has passed. If you are thinking about dropping your coverage for either or both of those […]

Life Insurance Explained

A quick look at the different types of policies. When it comes to life insurance, there are many choices. Whole life. Variable universal life. Term. What do these descriptions really mean? All life insurance policies have two things in common. They guarantee to pay a death benefit to a designated beneficiary after a policyholder dies […]

Do You Know Who Your Beneficiaries Are?

Why you should periodically review beneficiary designations. Your beneficiary choices may need to change with the times. When did you open your first IRA? When did you buy your life insurance policy? Are you still living in the same home and working at the same job as you did back then? Have your priorities changed […]