What’s Your Risk Number?

What Is In It For Me?

What You Will Get

Riskalyze will help you create your own unique Risk Number, a measurement designed to help you make good investment decisions. The first step is to take a 5-minute quiz that covers such topics   as top financial goals, portfolio size, and how much of your investment funds you’re willing to risk for potential gains. Click here to create your unique Risk Number.

Why Is This Important?

Many people have more risk in their portfolios than they previously had realized. This misalignment can have a significant impact on reaching your financial goals. Investors who inadvertently take on more risk than they should tend to make decisions that result in investment returns that fall below their natural risk-reward profile. Aligning your Risk Number with your portfolio is the first step to attempting to achieve a successful investment experience. Click here to create your unique Risk Number.

What Happens After I Get the Results?

At minimum, you will own a professional, independent assessment of your investment style. Compared to other surveys, the results should likely better represent you. The next step is for you to compare these results to your current accounts. You can do this on your own, or we can help.

Our advisory process helps you compare your Risk Number to your current portfolio, to see if you are one of the many investors out of balance.  If you are, we then review with you any coordination gaps and areas for improvement, how these ideas can have an impact on your financial goals over time and, if any, what modifications we recommend. Click here to create your unique Risk Number.

Why Riskalyze Is More Reliable Than Other Asset Allocation Tools?

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