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The Cornerstone 360 Wealth Management Process is a 4-phase system designed to help align client priorities, beliefs and values with the financial choices they make.


Phase 1: CLARITY
Our work together starts with a careful review of what’s important to you and why. This includes what makes you happy, what worries you, and the emotions that are attached. We have the tools and experience to help you pursue clarity on these priorities. This is followed with a big picture review of your current financial condition. Your experience should feel like a relief to you, and “finally” being able to bring together all your financial matters into a single plan.

For many clients, as their financial assets grow, so does their anxiety about “what is being missed,” and “how does it all come together.” Following Clarity, the next phase starts with the Decision and uncovering coordination gaps and areas for improvement in your current plan. Discovery of these opportunities, prioritizing goals, reviewing options, and focusing on key recommendations lead to the crucial financial Decisions that contribute towards your goals.

Phase 3: ACTION
Action is an important part of Cornerstone 360. It is during this phase when a good plan can go wrong. After Decisions are made, Cornerstone can assist you with implementing and monitoring the recommended plan. Our work together to this point puts us in a better position to help. And because Cornerstone is an independent advisory firm, we can search the open market for the most appropriate price, terms, and execution We are also happy to communicate with your other advisors during this phase, or introduce you to new advisors if you approve, to help you implement other parts of your plan.

Confidence comes from getting clarity on what is important, making informed decisions, and taking action. Cornerstone 360 is designed with the goal to help give you the best possible opportunity to live a financial life of confidence. To help maintain this confidence, Cornerstone continues our work with clients on a long term basis. This support includes continuous monitoring of your plan, regularly scheduled reviews, educational touch points, and revisiting phases as needed.

Cornerstone Wealth Management: Planning to be Our Clients’ Most Valued Asset™.

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